Shanghai Linux User Group (abbreviated as SHLUG) was founded in July 1997 and was the first Linux User Group in China. We are dedicated to promoting Linux, as well as advocating FOSS (short for Free and Open Source Software) culture, sharing experience about FOSS technologies, and helping other Linux users.

In the 20+ years SHLUG has been around, we have organized a lot of offline meetings, covering both Linux and other areas of information technologies. We also have a Hacking Thursday Night meetup every week and a sharing session every month on a specific topic related to FOSS.

We have a mailing list (in Chinese) on, and a few WeChat groups (in Chinese) for online communications. We are continuing in our initial spirit of Promoting Linux, Sharing Experience, and Assisting Comrades.

Hacking Thursday

What is Hacking Thursday

Hacking Thursday was born in the Taiwan freedom software community, initiated by a few FOSS developers from Taipei. They would invite fellow developers and users to meet up every Thursday at a designated place. In 2010, Yucang (雨苍) from Tainan moved to Shanghai due to his work and brought this convention to the Shanghai Linux community.

Hacking Thursday in Taiwan (Web Archive) meetup page

Purpose of the meetup

We strive to let everyone exchange ideas and take initiatives in a casual, polite, and respectful environment, and to learn from the collaboration between developers.

Who can intend?

Anyone from the FOSS community, or who wants to become a part of the community.

Meetup Schedule

Every Tuesday we would announce a meetup plan in the SHLUG mailing list (including time and location). Direction signs would be placed at the meetup location. There’s no limit regarding who can or cannot attend, and there’s no entry fee, but you’re expected to pay for your own food/drinks (usually around 20-40 yuan).


Common topics including Web development, networking, programming languages, system, tools & tricks, and gossips, etc.


Thursday of a working week, usually from 19:00 to 22:00. (Just come over after you’re done with your work.)


Usually in downtown near a metro station. Please check the mailing list for the updated location.

Monthly Meetup


The Monthly Meetup is a meeting consists of group teaching activity. Usually, we have 20–50 people attending and would focus on 2–3 specialized topics. Each session would run roughly for about 30–90 minutes. Speakers are usually developers experienced in the topic area. The topics of the Monthly Meeting are discussed in the SHLUG mailing list on the 1st of that month. We welcome self-promotion and coordination between members before the actual meeting.


Usually on the night of the third Friday or third Saturday of that month (check the mailing list for updated schedules).